Holger Kost

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Endogenous ouabain changes rapidly in humans and dogs upon physical exercise and is under the control of epinephrine and angiotensin II. Hence, the steroid acts as a rapidly acting hormone. A search for a specific binding globulin for cardiac glycosides in bovine plasma resulted in the identification of the d allotype of the micro chain of IgM whose(More)
Ouabain, that has been isolated from bovine adrenals and hypothalamus, is a new cardiotonic steroid hormone, which is either synthesized in the adrenals or stored there after it has absorbed from the diet. Little is known in vivo which events may lead to the release of ouabain into blood. Moreover, a binding protein for cardiotonic steroids exists in blood,(More)
Searching for a binding protein in blood, which may be involved in the specific transport of cardiac glycosides to their receptor sites on the sodium pump, we isolated a cardiac glycoside-binding protein (CGBG) of 26 kDa from the globulin fraction of bovine serum by affinity chromatography and on a ouabain-Sepharose 4B column by a purification factor of(More)
The high-affinity E1ATP site of Na+/K+-ATPase labeled with fluorescein 5'-isothiocyanate and its E2ATP site labeled with erythrosin 5'-isothiocyanate (ErITC), as was shown recently [Linnertz et al. (1998) J. Biol. Chem. 273, 28813-28821], reside on separate and adjacent catalytic alpha subunits. This paper provides evidence that specific labeling of the(More)
A material crossreacting with antibodies against the bufadienolide proscillaridin A and inhibiting the sodium pump was found in human blood plasma. The concentration of the material with a retention time similar to ouabain in a reversed phase HPLC correlated to systolic blood pressure and pulse pressure. Affinity purification of this compound from bovine(More)
To test the hypothesis that Na+/K+-ATPase works as an (alpha beta)2-diprotomer with interacting catalytic alpha-subunits, tryptic digestion of pig kidney enzyme, that had been inactivated with substitution-inert MgATP complex analogues, was performed. This led to the demonstration of coexisting C-terminal Na+-like 80-kDa as well as K+-like 60-kDa peptides(More)
The Medical Advisory Service of the Health Insurance in the area of the Northern Rhine (MDK Nordrhein) has set up an internal concept for quality management since 1998. This concept includes the installation and performance of quality circles. Staff members were internally qualified as "presenters". They worked out principles for quality circles of the MDK(More)
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