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Ultra-Large-Scale Systems are considered to be the new system generation. For these systems current development approaches are not well suited, since they do not scale well for large systems. One view onto such systems is to see them as IT Ecosystems comparable to complex ecosystems from nature and biology. We will present an example for such a system, the(More)
The development of infrastructures enabling dynamic and automated composition of technical systems is a big challenge. This paper addresses a new idea of allowing systems to reconfigure themselves. We propose DoAmI a Domain-specific Ambient Intelligence middleware platform for service reconfiguration and dynamic integration. The concept is based on(More)
Ambient Intelligence (AmI) is a new technological paradigm which aims at improving everyday life. The vision of Ambient Intelligence is to augment almost every artifact with some kind of intelligence and communication ability and thus to provide an intelligent environment which is able to make life easier in an ambient way. Several aspects play an important(More)
Nowadays the trend towards “everything, every time, everywhere” becomes more and more apparent. Electronic assistants, so called “information appliances”, like network enabled PDAs, Internet capable mobile phones and electronic books or tourist guides are well known. The continuing progress of all IT sectors towards “smaller, cheaper, and more powerful”(More)
In this chapter we analyze how a web migration can trigger adaptation not only at the user interface level, but also at the application logic level (see Chaps. 5 and 7). This implies that the web application changes the way it is rendered in the target device, and also the underlying logic that controls the application adapts as well as a consequence of the(More)