Holger Jelling Sørensen

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A prospective study based on the U.S. National Collaborative Perinatal Project and using the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC) found lower test scores for the Coding subtest in preschizophrenic children than in their unaffected siblings. Using data on cognitive functioning in adolescence, the aim of the present prospective study was to examine(More)
BACKGROUND Most research investigating the relationship between IQ and risk of mental disorder has focused on schizophrenia. AIMS To illuminate the relationship between IQ test scores in early adulthood and various mental disorders. METHOD For 3289 men from the Copenhagen Perinatal Cohort, military IQ test scores and information on psychiatric(More)
The aim of the present study was to investigate the relationship between age of neuromotor milestone attainment and risk of adult schizophrenia. 5765 mothers of the Copenhagen Perinatal Cohort recorded 12 developmental milestones during the child's first year of life. Cohort members were followed until they were 46-48 years old through record linkage with(More)
Background: Literature reports a genetic component for suicidal behavior, especially of determinant/violent type. One of the candidates has been the polymorphism 5-HTTLPR in the serotonin promoter. Employing a between group design, we wished to test the association between suicidal behavior and serotonin-related polymorphisms. Method: 350 Danish patients(More)
BACKGROUND Infections and activated immune responses can affect the brain through several pathways that might also affect cognition. However, no large-scale study has previously investigated the effect of infections on the general cognitive ability in the general population. METHODS Danish nationwide registers were linked to establish a cohort of all(More)
BACKGROUND It is not known whether smoking is a risk factor for mental disorders. AIMS To investigate the prospective associations between cigarette smoking in pregnant women and a range of psychiatric hospital diagnoses. METHOD Using data from the Copenhagen Perinatal Cohort, we followed a cohort of 7926 young women from 1959-61 to 2007, linking data(More)
BACKGROUND Disturbances in the central nervous system originating during foetal life may increase the risk of schizophrenia. AIMS To illuminate the hypothesis that prenatal exposure to analgesics may affect foetal neurodevelopment, leading to increased risk of schizophrenia in adulthood. METHOD Using data from the Copenhagen Perinatal Cohort and from(More)
Despite its unsurpassed efficacy in treatment-resistant schizophrenia, clozapine remains underutilized. Trends in the prescription of clozapine in patients with ICD-10 F20.x schizophrenia were assessed using data from Danish national registers. Three substudies were carried out: (i) an assessment of differences in national prescription patterns between 1996(More)
OBJECTIVE To illuminate the possible associations between height, weight, and body mass index (BMI) during early adulthood and the development of schizophrenia. METHOD This prospective study is based on an all-male sample of 3210 individuals from the Copenhagen Perinatal Cohort, comprising individuals born between 1959 and 1961. In 1999, cases of(More)
BACKGROUND Studies investigating early developmental factors in relation to psychopathology have mainly focused on schizophrenia. The personality dimension of neuroticism seems to be a general risk factor for psychopathology, but evidence on associations between early developmental precursors and personality traits is almost non-existent. This study is(More)