Holger Hussmann

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This paper deals with the issue of integrating the Internet with the PSTN in order to devise an architecture encompassing the advantages of both networks. Key TINA concepts like the Session Concept and the Service Architecture computational model are used to provide the glue for such an integration. The result is the enhancement of the Internet with(More)
We consider the problem of precisely deening UML active classes with an associated state chart. We are convinced that the rst step to make UML precise is to nd an underlying formal model for the systems modelled by UML. We argue that labelled transition systems are a sensible choice; indeed they have worked quite successfully for languages as Ada and Java.(More)
This paper presents an architecture for combining the Internet approach for the support of multime-dia services with switched ATM network technology. As the idea is to avoid changes on the underlying technologies, we introduce an Edge Devise (ED) which provides all functionality required for the efficient support of Internet Integrated Services (IntServ)(More)
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