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The primary focus in contemporary psychiatry on symptoms and their neurobiological basis, although fundamentally important, is nevertheless incomplete. The long-term course and outcome of schizophrenia are determined not only by the disorder, but also by the interaction between the person and the disorder. Not only psychopathological symptoms but also(More)
A total of 49 psychiatric inpatient suicides were compared with 53 former psychiatric inpatients who had committed suicide within one year after their discharge. Significant differences were found in the diagnostic distribution of both groups, especially the predominance of schizophrenics among inpatient suicides, and of alcoholics and drug abusers among(More)
Background: Vocational rehabilitation is a central issue in the rehabilitation of patients with chronic schizophrenia. However, even with the help of comprehensive integration programs, achieving this objective remains a very ambitious and difficult undertaking. Therefore, a profound and up-to-date knowledge of vocational functioning and outcome predictors(More)
Depending on the conditions of the axenic shuttle culture, microplasmodia of the acellular slime mold Physarum polycephalum can be subdivided into three classes regarding fine structural organization and protoplasmic streaming activity: (1) spherical and rod-shaped types, (b) ameboid types, and (c) symmetrical types. In ameboid microplasmodia, the motive(More)
Earlier studies suggest that social competence has a higher predictive value for vocational outcome than psychopathology. These studies, however, show methodological shortcomings, including the fact that the instruments used for assessing social competence, psychopathology and work performance are strongly interrelated. The present study, involving a(More)
OBJECTIVE Vocational re-integration of patients with chronic schizophrenia remains even with the help of comprehensive integration programs a very ambitious aim. Therefore, a profound and up-to-date knowledge of vocational outcome predictors is imperative. The objective of the present study was, while minimizing the influence of the instruments used, to(More)
OBJECTIVE   Although numerous randomised controlled trials indicated the superiority of supported employment (SE), we still have too little evidence that SE is more effective than traditional vocational rehabilitation programmes (TVR) in Western European countries with highly developed social security and welfare systems, sophisticated rehabilitation(More)
Menschen mit psychischen Erkrankungen sind oft ohne Arbeit. Dabei kommt Arbeit eine wesentliche Rolle zur Gesundung zu. Entsprechende Ergebnisse der DGPPN S3-Leitlinie „Psychosoziale Therapien“ werden dargestellt. Im Sinne der evidenzbasierten Medizin hat sich „supported employment“ („first place then train“) unzweifelhaft als wirksamste Maßnahme erwiesen.(More)
Fluorescein-labeled muscle actin was microinjected into Amoeba proteus and followed during intracellular redistribution by means of the image-intensification technique. The fully polymerization-competent protein becomes part of the endogenous actomyosin system undergoing dynamic changes over time periods of several hours. Single-frame analysis of long-term(More)
Although considerable research has been undertaken on psychosocial treatment and rehabilitation of patients with chronic schizophrenia, few studies have examined individual courses by means of repeated and frequent observation. A more dynamic view of rehabilitation might disclose patterns of response useful for both understanding and treating symptoms and(More)