Holger Graf

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This case study compares the usefulness and applicability of eight computer tools with respect to the validation of logic control programs for continuous processes. Six simulation packages (Taylor's MATLAB-based simulator, SIMULINK/STATEFLOW, GPROMS, SHIFT, DYMOLA, and BASIP) and two verification tools (SMV and HYTECH) were applied to a single process(More)
This paper addresses a methodology on how users might interact with objects which have been reconstructed from uncalibrated multiple images. Tracking the user's eye movement for Human-Computer Interaction in an augmented reality environment provides a convenient, natural, and highbandwidth source for navigating and zooming in/out of the 3D reconstructed(More)
This paper introduces a new augmented reality framework based on a multi-source urban planning backbone aiming at interactively investigating fast "what-if" analysis of urban planning simulations and creating awareness of possible environmental impact. The process of advanced urban planning nowadays includes the simulation of physical phenomena, its(More)