Holger Glaab

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We deal, from a theoretical point of view, with the asymmetric Hamiltonian p–median problem. This problem, which has many applications, can be viewed as a mixed routing location problem. An ILP-formulation based on a new class of inequalities (subtour number constraints) is presented. The associated Hamiltonian p–median polytope is examined, in particular(More)
Is atmospheric dispersion forecasting an important asset of the early-phase nuclear emergency response management? Is there a 'perfect atmospheric dispersion model'? Is there a way to make the results of dispersion models more reliable and trustworthy? While seeking to answer these questions the multi-model ensemble dispersion forecast system ENSEMBLE will(More)
The effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) inoculation on prokaryote abundance within the maize rhizosphere and hyphosphere, and retention of nutrients were investigated. Maize plants were grown in pots with a membrane located at a soil depth of approximately 16 cm that allowed growth of fungal hyphae above and below the membrane, but did not allow growth(More)
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