Holger Friedrich

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Programming by Demonstration (PbD) is a programming method that allows software developers to add new functionalities to a system by simply showing them in the form of few examples. In the robotics domain it has the potential to reduce the amount of time required for programming and also to make programming more \natural". Just imagine the task of(More)
Service robots require interactive programming interfaces that allow users without programming experience to easily instruct the robots. Systems following the Programming by Demonstration (PbD) paradigm that were developed within the last years are getting closer to this goal. However, most of these systems lack the possibility for the user to supervise and(More)
OBJECTIVE The housing preferences of persons with severe mental illness living in three types of community residences were examined, as were their perceptions of problems in these settings and the relationships between clients' and family members' housing preferences and perceptions of problems. METHODS A closed-ended questionnaire was developed to gather(More)
Performance prediction methods can help software architects to identify potential performance problems, such as bottlenecks, in their software systems during the design phase. In such early stages of the software life-cycle, only a little information is available about the system's implementation and execution environment. However, these details are crucial(More)
Details about the underlying Message-oriented Middleware (MOM) are essential for accurate performance predictions of software systems using message-based communication. The MOM's configuration and usage strongly influence its throughput, resource utilisation and timing behaviour. Prediction models need to reflect these effects and allow software architects(More)
This paper presents a method that allows to create programs by following the Programming by Demonstration paradigm. Plans for the execution of production processes such as assembly or stacking operation sequences are constructed not only from examples provided by the user through demonstrations. Additionally, the intention the user had in mind when(More)