Holger F. Böhm

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UNLABELLED In this experimental study, we evaluated the reproducibility error of mechanical strength tests of the proximal femur when simulating a fall on the trochanter. Based on side differences in femoral failure loads in 55 pairs of femora, we estimated the upper limit of the precision error to be 15% for the side impact test, whereas the intersubject(More)
PURPOSE To retrospectively assess an improved quantitative methodology with separate assessment of perfusion and permeability for characterization of primary renal cell carcinoma (RCC) and monitoring antiangiogenic treatment. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifteen RCC patients before surgery, 6 RCC patients before and after neoadjuvant antiangiogenic therapy, and(More)
Ziel dieser Untersuchung war es, die Versorgungssituation von Patienten mit osteoporotischer Fraktur in Deutschland zu ermitteln. Mittels eines Fragebogens wurden 409 unfallchirurgische Kliniken im gesamten Bundesgebiet zu Diagnostik und Therapie dieser Frakturen befragt. Über 80% der Fragebögen wurden zurückgesandt. Die Daten wurden mit den Leitlinien des(More)
Sleep disordered breathing with or without nocturnal hypercapnic hypoventilation is a common complication of respiratory muscle weakness in childhood neuromuscular disorders. Nocturnal hypercapnic hypoventilation as a sign of respiratory muscle fatigue, portends a particularly poor prognosis. We aimed at identifying daytime predictors of sleep disordered(More)
To provide a novel, robust algorithm for classification of lung tissue depicted by multi-detector computed tomography (MDCT) based on the topology of CT-attenuation values and to compare discriminative results with densitometric methods. Two hundred seventy-five cubic volumes of interest (VOI, edge length 40 pixels) were obtained from MDCT chest CT(More)
The purpose of this study was to establish and evaluate contrast-enhanced MR-lymphangiography (MRL) at 3.0T for detection and visualization of abnormalities of the peripheral lymphatic system. Sixteen patients were examined with a highly resolved isotropic T1w-3D-GRE-(FLASH) sequence (TR 3.76 ms/TE 1.45 ms/FA 30°/voxel-size 0.8 × 0.8 × 0.8 mm3) at 3T after(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the feasibility, stability, and reproducibility of a dedicated CT protocol for the triage of patients in two separate large-scale exercises that simulated a mass casualty incident (MCI). In both exercises, a bomb explosion at the local soccer stadium that had caused about 100 casualties was simulated. Seven(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES Basic exploratory data analysis to evaluate enhancement and tumor size (SIZE) in contrast-enhanced breast magnetic resonance imaging (CE-MRI) during chemotherapy. Correlation with histopathology (human epidermal growth factor receptor (HER2/neu) status and estrogen receptor (ER) score). MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixty-five women (mean(More)
Texture features based on the Radon transform were extracted from clinical radiographs of the hip in post-menopausal women. The novel algorithm allowed us to identify patients with fracture of the proximal femur and may provide an alternative to measuring bone mineral density in predicting the fracture-risk in osteoporosis, especially where densitometry is(More)
Patients with osteoporosis have to be diagnosed at an early stage to prevent fractures, the worst complication of this disease. Currently, measurements of bone mineral density (BMD) are used most frequently in the diagnosis of osteoporosis. According to the World Health Organization, osteoporosis is defined on the basis of BMD measurements that are compared(More)