Holger Düwiger

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Wikipedia articles contain, besides free text, various types of structured information in the form of wiki markup. The type of wiki content that is most valuable for search are Wikipedia infoboxes, which display an article’s most relevant facts as a table of attribute-value pairs on the top right-hand side of the Wikipedia page. Infobox data is not used by(More)
With the evolution of linked open data sources, question answering regains importance as a way to make data accessible and explorable to the public. The triple structure of RDF-data at the same time seems to predetermine question answering for being devised in its native subject-verb-object form. The devices of natural language, however, often exceed this(More)
We present MIA, a data marketplace which enables massive parallel processing of data from the Web. End users can combine both text mining and database operators in a structured query language called MIAQL. MIA offers many cost savings through sharing text data, annotations, built-in analytical functions and third party text mining applications. Our(More)
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