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Authoring of personalized multimedia content can be considered as a process consisting of selecting, composing , and assembling media elements into coherent multimedia presentations that meet the user's or user group's preferences , interests, current situation, and environment. In the approaches we find today, media items and semantically rich metadata(More)
Although the recent history of human colonisation and impact on Mauritius is well documented, virtually no records of the pre-human native ecosystem exist, making it difficult to assess the magnitude of the changes brought about by human settlement. Here, we describe a 4000-year-old fossil bed at Mare aux Songes (MAS) in southeastern Mauritius that contains(More)
—This paper is a report on the diatoms and dinoflagellate cysts identified in a sediment core and a water sample recovered from Rookery Bay, a subtropical estuarine system located on the west coast of Florida. Eighty-eight diatom taxa representing 48 genera, many of which have been rarely observed, and 14 dinoflagellate cyst genera with 20 taxa were(More)
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