Holger Bernhardt

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Highly attenuated poxviruses are promising vectors for protective and therapeutic vaccines. These vectors do not replicate in human cells and can therefore be safely given even to immunocompromised recipients. They can accommodate very large inserts and provide strong stimulation of the immune system against the vectored antigen. Disadvantages include that(More)
Background A spectrum of viral vaccines, including the annual 620 million doses of trivalent influenza vaccines, are being produced in embryonated eggs of pharmaceutical quality, or with primary cells derived from such eggs [1,2]. Regulatory guidelines and experience for these processes are established and proven against time for 75 years [1]. However,(More)
relation to the actual dimensions of the particles except that a particle that passes through a sieve will have a width that is less than Ji times the aperture size (for square apertures). The length of the fibrous particles and their interlocking behaviour often contribute to their not passing through the sieve even though their width and thickness are(More)
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