Holger Assenmacher

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PANDA is a run-time package based on a very small operating system kernel which supports distributed applications written in C++. It provides powerful abstractions such as very efficient user-level threads, a uniform global address space, object and thread mobility, garbage collection, and persistent objects. The paper discusses the design rationales(More)
Many research activities on new operating system architectures concentrate on using the object-oriented paradigm. Such systems focus on an object-oriented programming language and class libraries rather than on system call interfaces. An increasing number of operating system mechanisms is provided in non-privileged user space; they are not distinguishable(More)
In modern programming environments, the increasing variety of programming models cannot be satisfactorily matched by a single operating system interface. An interface adaptable to specific application needs requires a user-level realization of system services. The operating system kernel should be reduced to minimal functionality, not biased towards a(More)
Distributed systems are an alternative to shared-memory multiprocessors for the execution of parallel applications.Panda is a run-time system that provides architectural support for efficient parallel and distributed programming. It supplies fast user-level threads and a means for transparent and coordinated sharing of objects across a homogeneous network.(More)
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