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During studies of early arteriosclerotic lesions fibers with the staining properties of myosins were observed in epithelial cells of various organs. To obtain a basis for further studies, staining, oolarization and fluorescence microscopic properties of classical myoepithelial cells and tonofibrils were investigated. The tannic acid-phosphomolybdic acid(More)
Depending on the pretreatment of tissue sections, resorcin-fuchsin stained collagen, reticulum fibers and/or basement membranes and ring fibers intensely. It must therefore be concluded that resorcin-fuchsin is not specific for the protein elastin, that is elastic fibers in the chemical sense of the term. Studies of van Gieson-type stains showed relation(More)
Current chemical concepts were applied to Weigert's, M. Heidenhain's and Verhoeff's iron hemateins, Mayer's acid hemalum stain and the corresponding brazilein compounds. Fe+++ bonds tightly to oxygen in preference to nitrogen and is unlikely to react with lysyl and arginyl groups of proteins. Binding of unoxidized hematoxylin by various substrates has long(More)