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Introduction and Mission Design: The origin of life is one of the most profound scientific quests to be challenged in this century. Yet we don't know if terrestrial life has been originated on the earth or in other parts of the solar system yet. On the other hand, it is known that " life precursors " or complex organic compounds are discovered both in(More)
Marine radar systems have been equipped by almost sea vehicles. However, radar image quality can be easily deteriorated by signal strength decay with increasing distance, blurring due to side lobes, signals of behind objects and of shaded area. And it is difficult to recover the artifacts. This paper proposes a new approach to improve radar image quality by(More)
Understanding a space where autonomous robots work is an open problem. In case of maritime space, it is also very important. For this purpose, marine radar has been used to acquire images around the maritime vehicles. However, radar images are easily distorted by signal attenuation with distance, blurring due to antenna directivity, reflection by obstructs,(More)
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