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As cost pressures continue to mount in this era of economic slowdowns, a growing number of firms have begun to explore the possibility of managing product returns in a more cost-efficient and timely manner. However, few studies have addressed the problem of determining the number and location of initial collection points in a multiple time horizon, while(More)
In the past several decades, great strides have been made to incorporate the ethical and environmental responsibilities into the core culture of today’s business world. With the increased attention paid to such responsibilities, a growing number of firms have explored ‘‘greening’’ (environmental-friendly) initiatives as their competitive strategic weapons.(More)
With the proliferation of the electronic commerce epurchasing has become a daily practice for many purchasing organizations. To embrace e-purchasing successfully, these organizations should identify determinants that are crucial for its successful adoption. In an effort to identify such determinants, including organizational readiness, information(More)
Although a responsive supply chain is an integral part of order-winning manufacturing strategies, it has not been clear how firms build a responsive supply chain in global manufacturing environments. Built upon a synthesis of the existing literature and relevant theories, this paper presents a research model that defines the drivers, strategy, and practices(More)
Recognizing the value of information sharing among supply chain partners, a growing number of firms have expressed keen interest in jointly creating customer demand, managing business functions and leveraging the strength of their supply chain partners. In particular, such interest sparked the rapid development and implementation of collaborative planning,(More)