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MOTIVATION DNA methylation is a molecular modification of DNA that plays crucial roles in regulation of gene expression. Particularly, CpG rich regions are frequently hypermethylated in cancer tissues, but not methylated in normal tissues. However, there are not many methodological literatures of case-control association studies for high-dimensional DNA(More)
The matched case-control designs are commonly used to control for potential confounding factors in genetic epidemiology studies especially epigenetic studies with DNA methylation. Compared with unmatched case-control studies with high-dimensional genomic or epigenetic data, there have been few variable selection methods for matched sets. In an earlier(More)
We consider estimation and variable selection in high-dimensional Cox regression when a prior knowledge of the relationships among the covariates, described by a network or graph, is available. A limitation of the existing methodology for survival analysis with high-dimensional genomic data is that a wealth of structural information about many biological(More)
MOTIVATION Existing association methods for rare variants from sequencing data have focused on aggregating variants in a gene or a genetic region because of the fact that analysing individual rare variants is underpowered. However, these existing rare variant detection methods are not able to identify which rare variants in a gene or a genetic region of all(More)
In this paper, based on a doubly generalized Type II censored sample, the maximum likelihood estimators (MLEs), the approximate MLE and the Bayes estimator for the entropy of the Rayleigh distribution are derived. We compare the entropy estimators’ root mean squared error (RMSE), bias and Kullback–Leibler divergence values. The simulation procedure is(More)
Recently, progressive hybrid censoring schemes have become quite popular in a life-testing problem and reliability analysis. However, the limitation of the progressive hybrid censoring scheme is that it cannot be applied when few failures occur before time T . Therefore, a generalized progressive hybrid censoring scheme was introduced. In this paper, the(More)
Many different biological processes are represented by network graphs such as regulatory networks, metabolic pathways, and protein-protein interaction networks. Since genes that are linked on the networks usually have biologically similar functions, the linked genes form molecular modules to affect the clinical phenotypes/outcomes. Similarly, in large-scale(More)
Motivation DNA methylation plays an important role in many biological processes and cancer progression. Recent studies have found that there are also differences in methylation variations in different groups other than differences in methylation means. Several methods have been developed that consider both mean and variance signals in order to improve(More)
In human genome research, genetic association studies of rare variants have been widely studied since the advent of high-throughput DNA sequencing platforms. However, detection of outcome-related rare variants still remains a statistically challenging problem because the number of observed genetic mutations is extremely rare. Recently, a power set-based(More)