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INK4 and CIP/KIP are two distinct families of cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) inhibitors implicated in mediating a wide range of cell growth control signals. We have created p18(INK4c)-deficient mice. These mice develop gigantism and widespread organomegaly. The pituitary gland, spleen, and thymus are disproportionately enlarged and hyperplastic. T and B(More)
Scheduling resources on Grids is a well-known problem. The extension of Grids to LambdaGrids requires the scheduling of lambdas, i.e., end-to-end high-speed circuits. In this paper, we propose a scheduling heuristic for such lambdas in support of large-scale scientific applications that require high-throughput transfers of large files. We refer to this(More)
1 -Time-Division Multiplexing/Frequency-Division Multiplexing (TDM/FDM) schemes are typically used in a fixedbandwidth allocation mode, which means a call is assigned a fixed amount of bandwidth for its whole duration. For file transfers, such schemes compare unfavorably against statistical multiplexing schemes such as packet switching. This is because in(More)
With the advent of Network-Centric Warfare (NCW) concepts, Command and Control (C2) Systems need efficient methods to produce, exchange, and consume diverse kinds of information within the networks. The System Entity Structure (SES) is an ontology framework that can facilitate information exchange in a network environment. From the perspective of the SES(More)
Data Fusion (DF) process is in the interest of the military community since it provides the opportunity to achieve information superiority. The System Entity Structure (SES) is an ontology framework that can facilitate information exchange and represent knowledge in a network-centric environment. We explore an idea of adopting the SES ontology to fuse raw(More)
Discrete Event System Specifications (DEVS) is a mathematical formalism based on system theoretic principles, which has evolved with state-of-technologies implementation over the past few decades. In this paper, we discuss a DEVS framework to solve parameter optimization problems. As a case study, we consider the Link-11 gateway that has been developed by(More)
β1 integrin is essential for pancreatic beta-cell development and maintenance in rodents and humans. However, the effects of a temporal beta-cell specific β1 integrin knockout on adult islet function are unknown. We utilized a mouse insulin 1 promoter driven tamoxifen-inducible Cre-recombinase β1 integrin knockout mouse model (MIPβ1KO) to investigate β1(More)