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Scheduling resources on Grids is a well-known problem. The extension of Grids to LambdaGrids requires the scheduling of lambdas, i.e., end-to-end high-speed circuits. In this paper, we propose a scheduling heuristic for such lambdas in support of large-scale scientific applications that require high-throughput transfers of large files. We refer to this(More)
With the advent of Network-Centric Warfare (NCW) concepts, Command and Control (C2) Systems need efficient methods to produce, exchange, and consume diverse kinds of information within the networks. The System Entity Structure (SES) is an ontology framework that can facilitate information exchange in a network environment. From the perspective of the SES(More)
Data Fusion (DF) process is in the interest of the military community since it provides the opportunity to achieve information superiority. The System Entity Structure (SES) is an ontology framework that can facilitate information exchange and represent knowledge in a network-centric environment. We explore an idea of adopting the SES ontology to fuse raw(More)
Discrete Event System Specifications (DEVS) is a mathematical formalism based on system theoretic principles, which has evolved with state-of-technologies implementation over the past few decades. In this paper, we discuss a DEVS framework to solve parameter optimization problems. As a case study, we consider the Link-11 gateway that has been developed by(More)
Immersive VR, a technology getting attention in recent years, is widely applied to the realm of serious games because it can provide users with both fun and intriguing experiences. This poster proposes a self-training VR serious game for fire evacuation drill with concurrent tele-collaboration among avatars controlled by and synchronized with multiple-users(More)
This paper proposes a random access method using grouping nodes which are located closely to decrease collisions of nodes by long delay propagation time in underwater acoustic environments. To reduce collision probability, each node selects its group, which is predetermined by a distance from the fusion center based on RSSI level, and aligns its(More)
A Parking status SNS notification system is developed for reducing wandering traffic by letting drivers be notified of parking lot status via SNS. Therefore, drivers can save not only their time but also gas expenses on unnecessary driving. Moreover, it will bring a result of reducing combustion gases from unnecessary driving which will contribute to(More)