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Gout or pseudogout, caused by deposition of crystals, rarely affects the spine. We report 4 cases with gout or pseudogout in the lumbar spine. Two had cauda equina syndrome and another 2 had spinal stenosis. To avoid unnecessary surgery, this should be considered in the differential diagnosis when treating patients with histories of gout or pseudogout for(More)
INTRODUCTION With evolutions in surgical techniques, minimally invasive surgical (MIS) repair with Achillon applicator has been introduced. However, there is still a lack of literature to investigate into the clinical merits of MIS over open surgery. This study aims to investigate the correlation between clinical outcome, gait analysis and biomechanical(More)
Two patients with Hoffa fracture of the knee, both suffering from poliomyelitis are reported. Both had unicondylar coronal plane fracture of the medial femoral condyle. The patients were treated with open reduction and screw fixation. Due to poor screw purchase, reoperation was necessary in one patient. The results were satisfactory in both patients.
Triceps tendon rupture is a rare condition. The usual mechanism of injury is a fall on an outstretched hand, although direct contact injuries have also been reported to cause this injury. A 67-year-old woman presented with injuries caused by direct impact to her right elbow after a fall. X-rays of the elbow demonstrated the cardinal clinical 'gap' and(More)
Paediatric supracondylar fractures of the femur are not common. The treatment options depend on the age of child, the site of the fracture, the pattern of injury and the surgeon's preference. We report a case of an 11-year old boy who sustained a comminuted displaced supracondylar fracture of the femur and was treated with indirect reduction and internal(More)
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