Hoi Lee

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—Low-power analog driver based on a single-stage amplifier with an embedded current-detection slew-rate enhancement (SRE) circuit is presented. By developing a systematic way to design both the response time and optimal sizing of driving transistors in the SRE circuit, the SRE circuit can be controlled to turn on or turn off properly. In addition, the(More)
—This paper presents a low-power stability strategy to significantly reduce the power consumption of a three-stage amplifier using active-feedback frequency compensation (AFFC). The bandwidth of the amplifier can also be enhanced. Simulation results verify that the power dissipation of the AFFC amplifier is reduced by 43% and the bandwidth is improved by(More)
This paper presents a configurable current source for cochlear stimulators. A switchable multi-bias active-cascode architecture is developed to provide a 9-bit output current in a small implementation area. A stacking MOS structure enables the current source to achieve high output resistance and large voltage compliance. Implemented in a standard 0.35µm(More)
The specificity of immunoglobulins and ␣ / ␤ T cell receptors (TCRs) provides a framework for the molecular basis of antigen recognition. Yet, evolution has preserved a separate lineage of ␥ / ␦ antigen receptors that share characteristics of both immunoglobulins and ␣ / ␤ TCRs but whose antigens remain poorly understood. We now show that T cells of the(More)