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Attempts to satisfy the demand for ubiquitous communications have resulted in a proliferation of hand-held short range communication devices based on the ISM (Industrial, Scientific, Medical) band technologies, most notably Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11b. However , coexistence between Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11b has become a critical issue that could severely(More)
The conceptual difference between a competency-based education and an education based upon a conventional dental curriculum is, perhaps, the starting point for the development of new curricula. The two systems are not, in themselves, exclusive. There is common ground to be found, and the concept of combining instruction with competency-based learning(More)
Due to the proliferation of hand-held short-range communication devices, coexistence between Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11b has become a performance critical issue. In this study, we performed an actual implementation of a Linux based network access point (NAP), in which Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11b are colocated. Such a NAP is expected to be crucial in(More)
Bluetooth is a short range operating technology that helps in the exchange of data. Faster and efficient communications using a Bluetooth device is mandatory, since it has resource limitations. Service discovery delays pose a major problem when considering the Bluetooth devices. Our paper provides a comparative study that discusses efficient mechanisms to(More)
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