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Fish consumption is a potential source of human exposure to pollutants. Here, we study residue levels of PCBs in the eel, Anguilla anguilla, from the Nature Camargue Reserve in southern France. Chromatographic analysis (GC-ECD) found seventy identifiable congeners, among which, 10 are considered as dioxin-like PCBs, such as the non-ortho PCB 81 and the(More)
  • Siemens Healthcare, Nova Biomedical Corporation, +4 authors Ltd
  • 2016
Description: Biosensors are integrated devices which are capable of providing analytical information using biological samples. Biosensors consists of a biological recognition unit, which has the ability to interact with bio-elements, such as living tissue, enzymes, and antibodies, and a transducer, which is used to change the property of bio-elements into(More)
In order to assess pollutant transfer in Camargue ponds from bordering agrosystems, a biomonitoring assay was conducted in irrigation and drainage channels of rice fields in the Rhone Delta (France). A filter-feeding bivalve, the Asian clam, Corbicula fluminea, was used as bioindicator and caged in upstream and downstream channels of an area of conventional(More)
Improved flexibility in creating PDF documents from SAS ® can be obtained by making use of L A T E X. In this paper I will discuss a way to author PDF files through L A T E X by using SAS macros to write the L A T E X source code. This setup allows combining SAS code, log, output and graphs with freely written textual content. All L A T E X functionality is(More)
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