Hoe-Kyung Jung

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PURPOSE This study was to develop Web-based multimedia content for Physical Examination and Health Assessment. METHOD The multimedia content was developed based on Jung's teaching and learning structure plan model, using the following 5 processes : 1) Analysis Stage, 2) Planning Stage, 3) Storyboard Framing and Production Stage, 4) Program Operation(More)
MPEG-4 technology is easy to edit objects of still image, text, 2D/3D graphics, audio, various shapes such as arbitrary shaped video to author and offer action on time and space to these objects through MPEG-4 technology. So, this object base coding way is considered by the most useful method to create interactive broadcasting contents. But, when we(More)
This is a brief description of audio channel or sound source separation algorithm using spatial cues. Basically inter-channel level difference (ICLD) is used for discriminating sound sources in a spatial grid for each channel pair and analysis subband. Interchannel cross-correlation (ICC) is also used for determining sound source location area and(More)
Recently, the magnitude of electronic data interchange (EDI) document processing for the handling of port logistics is abruptly being increased. The existing system processes EDI documents in a script mode, but due to a complicated script preparation procedure and low document processing efficiency, it cannot meet the demand as the usage flow of documents(More)
The streaming service over conventional HTTP has received only one kind of screen quality image which is provided by server. The contents which were provided by the streaming service provider to the general users have been only high definition image. Also, the contents business units who used to establish existing streaming service can provide various(More)