Hodjat Hajian

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In this paper, we propose a facile route to fabricate a metal insulator multilayer stack to obtain ultra-broadband, wide angle behavior from the structure. The absorber, which covers near infrared (NIR) and visible (Vis) ranges, consists of a metal-insulator-metal-insulator (MIMI) multilayer where the middle metal layer has a variant thickness. It is found(More)
We report ultra-broadband perfect absorbers for visible and near-infrared applications that are based on multilayers of metal-insulator (MI) stacks fabricated employing straightforward layer deposition techniques and are, therefore, lithography-free and large-scale compatible. We scrutinize the impact of different physical parameters of an MIMI absorber(More)
In this work, we propose an optimum unit cell arrangement to obtain near absolute polarization insensitivity in a metal-insulator-metal (MIM) based ultra-broadband perfect absorber. Our findings prove that upon utilizing this optimum arrangement, the response of the absorber is retained and unchanged over all arbitrary incidence light polarizations,(More)
In this paper, using the transfer matrix method, we investigate the dependence of threshold intensity of the optical bistability to distance between the defect layers for a symmetric (and also asymmetric) one-dimensional nonlinear layered structure, theoretically. The one-dimensional nonlinear layered structure under consideration in this paper contains(More)
In this paper, we numerically demonstrate mid-IR nearly perfect resonant absorption and coherent thermal emission for both polarizations and wide angular region using multilayer designs of unpatterned films of hexagonal boron nitride (hBN). In these optimized structures, the films of hBN are transferred onto a Ge spacer layer on top of a one-dimensional(More)
In this paper, we propose a facile and large scale compatible design to obtain perfect ultrabroadband light absorption using metal-dielectric core-shell nanowires. The design consists of atomic layer deposited (ALD) Pt metal uniformly wrapped around hydrothermally grown titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanowires. It is found that the randomly oriented dense TiO2(More)
We numerically validate and experimentally realize considerable funneling of electromagnetic energy through a subwavelength aperture that is covered with an epsilon-near-zero metamaterial (ENZ). The epsilon-near-zero metamaterial is composed of two layers of metasurfaces and operates at microwave frequencies. We demonstrate that the presence of the(More)
In this paper, we demonstrate a facile, lithography free, and large scale compatible fabrication route to synthesize an ultra-broadband wide angle perfect absorber based on metal-insulator-metal-insulator (MIMI) stack design. We first conduct a simulation and theoretical modeling approach to study the impact of different geometries in overall stack(More)
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