Hodaka Nakanishi

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This article, by using a unique dataset of a large number of Japanese firms, empirically investigates the relationship between the structure of shareholding and productivity, survival, and managerial objectives. The focus is on the distinct traits of family firms, which compose the majority of Japanese firms. According to the results, the managerial(More)
We intend to carry out a series of plasma lens experiments at the Final Focus Test Beam facility at SLAC. These experiments will be the first to study the focusing of particle beams by plasma focusing devices in the parameter regime of interest for high energy colliders, and is expected to lead to plasma lens designs capable of unprecedented spot sizes.(More)
  • THORBECKE, Willem, +7 authors Masaru Yoshitomi
  • 2008
and seminar participants at RIETI for many helpful comments. Abstract East Asia is characterized by intricate production and distribution networks that allow fragmented production blocks to be allocated across countries based on comparative advantage. These networks have produced enormous efficiency gains. Exchange rate volatility, by increasing(More)
A cathode emission profiler based on anode-hole scanning method has been developed, w hich reveals emission density distribution and local emission characteristics in a cathode surface. The 41 1-type impregnated cathodes with Os-Ru coating for CRT use are studied with this emission profiler having a 20 micrometer anode-hole. %\era1 new findings hate been(More)
We developed a dynamic terahertz emission microscope to investigate dynamic response of photoexcited carriers in various kinds of solar cell, e.g. a monocrystalline silicon solar cell, a polycrystalline silicon solar cell, and a GaAs solar cell. We could clearly observe the effects of carrier lifetimes of the different kinds of the solar cells. The image(More)
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