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This paper presents a design for a fault diagnosis system (FDS) for tapped high/extra-high voltage (HV/EHV) power transmission lines (TL's). These tapped lines have two different protection zones. The proposed approach reduces the cost and the complexity of the FDS for these types of lines. The FDS, basically, utilizes fifteen artificial neural networks(More)
The U-turn is an access management technique for at-grade intersection treatments; reducing conflicts and improving safety along arterial roads. The U-turn is mainly used as an alternative to direct left turns at intersections by replacing the full median opening with a directional median opening; this solution is called restricted lefts u-turn intersection(More)
In Egypt, freight movement relies heavily on road transport. Commercial vehicles constitute a major segment of the vehicle population that travels the country's roads contributing to (and suffering from) daily congestion. Enhancing CV operations by minimizing their en-route travel times benefits both traffic network users as well as CV's business owners.(More)
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