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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are a major pillar in the management of evolving modern businesses. With the continuous change of technology and increase of business process complexity, ERP systems had to evolve drastically to accommodate the needs of modern businesses. This makes the implementation of such systems very complex hence increasing(More)
This paper presents a performance-optimization technique in a structured wireless sensor network that has a circular form and consists of several rings with many clusters. Optimization is done by varying the number of rings and by applying aggregation on the data transferred across the network up to the destination node. The main reason for this study is(More)
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Multicasting is used in many real-time distributed applications such as market data feeds, videoconferencing, interactive distance learning. The need for multicasting is either because the databases are replicated or simply because there are multiple destination nodes involved in the communication process. However consistency problems are inherent in(More)
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