Hoda Hossein-Nejad

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We study the dynamics of interprotein energy transfer in a cluster, consisting of four units of phycoerythrin 545 (PE545) antenna proteins via a hybrid quantum-classical approach. Long-range exciton transport is viewed as a random walk in which the hopping probabilities are determined from a quantum theory. We apply two different formulations of the exciton(More)
We present a formalism to quantify the contribution of path-interference in phonon-mediated electronic energy transfer. The transfer rate between two molecules is computed by considering the quantum mechanical amplitudes associated with pathways connecting the initial and final sites. This includes contributions from classical pathways, but also terms(More)
In photosynthesis, special antenna proteins that contain multiple light-absorbing molecules (chromophores) are able to capture sunlight and transfer the excitation energy to reaction centers with almost 100% quantum efficiencies. The critical role of the protein scaffold in holding the appropriate arrangement of the chromophores is well established and can(More)
The photosystem II reaction centre is the photosynthetic complex responsible for oxygen production on Earth. Its water splitting function is particularly favoured by the formation of a stable charge separated state via a pathway that starts at an accessory chlorophyll. Here we envision a photovoltaic device that places one of these complexes between(More)
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