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Just as a photonic crystal is a periodic composite composed of materials with different dielectric constants, its lesser known magnetic analogue, the magnonic crystal can be considered as a periodic composite comprising different magnetic materials. Magnonic crystals are excellent candidates for the fabrication of nanoscale microwave devices, as the(More)
We report the experimental observation of band gaps in a synthetic nanostructured magnonic crystal composed of two different magnetic materials. The sample, in the form of a one-dimensional periodic array comprising alternating Permalloy and cobalt nanostripes, has been fabricated using advanced lithographic techniques. Dispersion relations of spin waves in(More)
Brillouin measurements have been made of the spin dynamics of high-density two-dimensional hexagonally ordered 20 nm diameter Fe48Co52 nanowire arrays, with various interwire spacings, as a function of longitudinal magnetic field. The experimental data are analyzed within the Arias-Mills theory based on interwire dipolar couplings in the arrays. The results(More)
The interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in an in-plane anisotropic Pt(4  nm)/Co(1.6  nm)/Ni(1.6  nm) film has been directly observed by Brillouin spectroscopy. It is manifested as the asymmetry of the measured magnon dispersion relation, from which the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction constant has been evaluated. Linewidth measurements reveal(More)
Spin-wave nonreciprocity arising from dipole-dipole interaction is insignificant for magnon wavelengths in the sub-100 nm range. Our micromagnetic simulations reveal that for the nanoscale magnonic crystals studied, such nonreciprocity can be greatly enhanced via synthetic antiferromagnetic coupling. The nonreciprocity is manifested as highly asymmetric(More)
Phononic and magnonic dispersions of a linear array of periodic alternating Ni80Fe20 and bottom anti-reflective coating nanostripes on a Si substrate have been measured using Brillouin light scattering. The observed phononic gaps are considerably larger than those of laterally patterned multi-component crystals previously reported, mainly a consequence of(More)
The magnonic band structures for exchange spin waves propagating in one-dimensional magnonic crystal waveguides of different material combinations are investigated using micromagnetic simulations. The waveguides are periodic arrays of alternating nanostripes of different ferromagnetic materials. Our results show that the widths and center frequencies of the(More)
The coercivity of magnetic thin film having a two-dimensional easy-axis distribution is investigated within the framework of a simple micromagnetic model. It is found that the coercivity decreases from 0.14H(K) to a minimum of 0.07H(K) as thickness increases, where H(K) is the anisotropy field. It is substantially lower than that given by the(More)
The localized acoustic modes of single isolated polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and polystyrene nanospheres have been studied by micro-Brillouin light scattering. The measured mode frequencies are analyzed on the basis of the Lamb theory formulated for a sphere under free boundary conditions. By measuring light scattering from single isolated particles,(More)
The intriguing optical and catalytic properties of metal-silica core-shell nanoparticles, inherited from their plasmonic metallic cores together with the rich surface chemistry and increased stability offered by their silica shells, have enabled a wide variety of applications. In this work, we investigate the confined vibrational modes of a series of(More)
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