Hock Lim Tan

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Several reports have appeared in the literature recently describing various techniques of performing pyloromyotomy laparoscopically. Although there is no doubt that this is now technically feasible, there are unanswered questions with regard to its safety, efficacy, and potential benefits or otherwise to the patient. In an attempt to resolve some of these(More)
A retrospective review was performed of the records of 93 children with urinary tract calculi treated during a 10-year period (1983 to 1992). Two distinct groups of patients were identified. One group comprised 63 Aboriginal children, mainly from the northern region of Western Australia, who presented at a young age (average, 2.8 years) with urinary tract(More)
UNLABELLED The absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2) used for positive pressure pneumoperitoneum may lead to an increased CO2 load. CO2 elimination during laparoscopy has not been investigated previously in paediatrics. The aim of this study was to characterise the pattern of CO2 elimination during laparoscopic surgery in infants and children. METHODS Twenty(More)
The timely diagnosis of perforations or dead gut can be extremely difficult in micropremmies with necrotizing enterocolitis. A negative laparotomy is just as detrimental as failure to recognize early perforation in this group of patients. We have been exploring the role of microlaparoscopy using a needlescope to determine if this modality is feasible and(More)
Mucormycosis is an opportunistic infection that has been mainly described in adults with preexisting disease affecting immune status, eg, diabetes, leukemia, lymphoma, and renal failure on peritoneal dialysis. Few cases have been described in neonates. The presentation of mucormycosis as a cause of neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis is an unusual(More)
Several surgical options are available for managing varicoceles. Although conventional surgery offers good surgical results, the most common long-term complication of surgery is the development of hydroceles, thought to be due to interruption in the lymphatic outflow from the subservient testis. The authors describe a new technique of in vivo methylene blue(More)
Although great advances in laparoscopic techniques have been made in the field of adult surgery, its application in infants and young children has been limited. We present a technique of laparoscopic pyloromyotomy that has been successfully used in two babies, employing specially made instruments. Laparoscopic surgery deserves further consideration in this(More)
Ovariopexy can prevent radiation damage to the ovaries in children undergoing pelvic irradiation, and should be considered prior to radical curative radiotherapy. We report two children who have had successful laparoscopic ovariopexy, and advocate its use in conjunction with local radiotherapy in childhood malignancy. It reduces iatrogenic trauma(More)