Hochong Park

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In this paper, a practical query-bysinging/humming (QbSH) system is proposed that uses polyphonic music tracks such as MP3 and AAC files to create the reference database (DB) unlike conventional QbSH systems. To create the reference DB, we propose a method for melody extraction from polyphonic music signals based on harmonic structure. In addition, we(More)
In this paper, a new fast terahertz reflection tomography is proposed using block-based compressed sensing. Since measuring the time-domain signal on two-dimensional grid requires excessive time, reducing measurement time is highly demanding in terahertz tomography. The proposed technique directly reduces the number of sampling points in the spatial domain(More)
Performing comparison search in huge databases is a difficulty of particular concern in several communities, such as music, database, and data mining. A number of query by humming/singing (QBH) systems have evolved in recent years, which can search for the song without manual input. Query by humming systems will return a structured list of songs according(More)
In this paper, the subjective audio quality of various digital radio systems is evaluated. In order to estimate the true audio quality of a commercial digital radio service, test audio signals were acquired directly from the digital radio equipment in the field. Twenty-one subjects participated in the test after pre-screening. The evaluation process(More)
This letter proposes a new method of improving the speech quality of VoIP by assigning a priority to each packet at the edge router of a DiffServ-based network. The proposed method determines the importance of a packet in the parameter domain by estimating the quality degradation caused by its loss and assigns a priority to the packet according to its(More)
This letter proposes a new method of improving perceptual quality of speech in a noisy environment. Based on the perception theory that the temporal envelope plays a major role in assessing intelligibility, the proposed method uses a novel operation that enhances the fluctuation of the band-wise temporal envelope. It also contains pitch enhancement in(More)
For image processing systems that have a limited size of region of support, say 3 x 3, direct implementation of morphological operations by a structuring element larger than the prefixed size is impossible. The decomposition of morphological operations by a large structuring element into a sequence of recursive operations, each using a smaller structuring(More)