Hoc X. Nguyen

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Adaptive hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) streaming has become a new trend to support adaptivity in video delivery. An HTTP streaming client needs to estimate exactly resource availability and resource demand. In this paper, we focus on the most important resource which is bandwidth. A new and general formulation for throughput estimation is presented(More)
Logic NVM using I/O gate oxide as storage floating gate dielectric developed in baseline logic process does not require extra masks or process steps. Conventional wisdom has suggested that the tunnel oxide of Flash will reach its scaling limits at 6-7 nm due to high reliability requirement for high-density applications. Will FG logic NVM be scalable with(More)
Some researchers have previously reported that silicide-blocking layers play a key role in retaining charge in embedded DRAM and Flash memory technologies. In this paper, we investigate the retention characteristics for silicided and unsilicided floating gates embedded logic NVM fabricated in a standard 0.25/spl mu/m logic process. In contrast to previous(More)
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