Hoang Viet Long

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We combine two aspects, fuzzy mathematics and partial functional differential equations to get fuzzy partial hyperbolic functional differential equations in the sense of generalized Hukuhara-differentiability. In this setting, the global existence of four solutions, each one corresponding to a different type of differentiability, is investigated in the(More)
The foundation of the concepts of fuzzy fractional integral and Caputo gH-partial for fuzzy-valued multivariable functions is defined. As a result, fuzzy fractional partial differential equations are considered and the appropriateness of local boundary value problems for hyperbolic equations is proved. We present two new results on the existence of two(More)
In this paper, we introduce a class of piecewise multilinear models for Mamdani fuzzy system and investigate their approximation capabilities to integrable functions with L<sup>p</sup>-norm. Specially, by extending fuzzy system to stochastic one, the approximation capability of the stochastic Mamdani system to a class of random processes is analyzed. A(More)
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