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To increase student participation in the learning process, active learning methods, including small group learning, have become increasingly popular in modern curricula. One kind of small group learning, team-based learning, is a relatively new instructional strategy in health care education. Team-based learning uses theoretically based and empirically(More)
Human-activity recognition is one of the most challenging problems in computer vision. Researchers from around the world have tried to solve this problem and have come a long way in recognizing simple motions and atomic activities. As the computer vision community heads toward fully recognizing human activities, a challenging and labeled dataset is needed.(More)
BACKGROUND Nausea and vomiting (N/V) during chemotherapy can have profound clinical and economic consequences. Effective antiemetic agents are available for prophylaxis, but barriers may prevent their use. For this population-based study, the authors assessed the rates of antiemetic prophylaxis use, and predictors of such use, among patients who were(More)
BACKGROUND Significant differences have been reported in the prevalence of depression between Mexicans and Mexican Americans. Whether the differences in prevalence are real or are the results of cultural bias in instrumentation is not known. OBJECTIVES To examine the association between acculturation and the responses to the individual depressive symptom(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and tobacco use are leading causes of morbidity and mortality. The prevalence and clinical impact of COPD on mortality and kidney transplantation among patients who begin dialysis therapy is unclear. METHODS We explored the clinical impact of COPD and continued tobacco use on overall mortality and(More)
The goal of this study was to develop an algorithm for detecting epilepsy cases in managed care organizations (MCOs). A data set of potential epilepsy cases was constructed from an MCO's administrative data system for all health plan members continuously enrolled in the MCO for at least 1 year within the study period of July 1, 1996 through June 30, 1998.(More)
Differences in coronary disease have been reported among ethnic minorities in the US population. Whether these persist in patients with chronic kidney disease is unknown. The prevalence of myocardial infarction (MI) and angina was compared by race and GFR in the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey using the Modification of Diet in Renal(More)
BACKGROUND Diarrhea is a common toxicity of chemotherapy, but the practice of reporting only severe grades (≥ 3) in clinical trials results in misleading conclusions of significance. Epidemiology remains poorly described, and effects of multi-cycle regimens have not been investigated. To better understand the risks, symptom burden and consequences of CID,(More)
Sensor networks have been a very active area of research in recent years. However, most of the sensors used in the development of these networks have been local and non-imaging sensors such as acoustics, seismic, vibration, temperature, humidity, etc. The development of emerging video sensor networks poses its own set of unique challenges, including high(More)
AIM This paper is a report of an evaluation of the psychometric properties of the Health Beliefs Related to Cardiovascular Disease Scale designed to measure beliefs related to cardiovascular disease risk and diet and exercise in adults with diabetes. BACKGROUND Heart attack and stroke are 2-4 times more common among adults with diabetes than those without(More)