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Modeling of Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness of Multilayer Conducting Composites in the Microwave Band
In this paper, the characteristic matrix model is used to simulate the electromagnetic shielding effectiveness (SE) of multilayer electromagnetic shielding of polyaniline-polyurethane (Pani/PU) conducting composites in the microwave band. Expand
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Nondestructive Complex Permittivity Measurement of Conducting Materials Using Open-ended Coaxial Probes
We present the open-ended coaxial method to measure the complex permittivities of Polyaniline/Polyurethane conducting composites at nearly percolation threshold in microwave band. Expand
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Electromagnetic characterisation of Pani/PU in multi-layered structure, application for EMI protection at microwave frequency
Pani/PU in multi-layered structure was studied in order to optimize the shielding effectiveness at microwave frequency. Expand
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Conception and realization of multilayered composite electromagnetic shielding material at microwave frequency by using genetic algorithm
Genetic algorithm was used to optimize a multilayered structure of conducting composite in microwave frequency. The result of optimization showed a good agreement with the measurements, and a 262 mumExpand
Characterisation And Modelisation Of Shielding Effectiveness Of Pani/PU Conducting Composite Multilayer At Microwave Frequency
Nowadays, the electromagnetic interference problem becomes more important to protect the electric, electronic devices. In this paper, the electromagnetic characterisation of Pani/PU in multi-layeredExpand
A novel integration of pd-type fuzzy logic controllers and smes devices to maintain the network frequency of a large-scale power system
A modern electric power plant is typically considered to be a large-scale system. Expand