Hoang Giang Do

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Reachability refers to the ability to get from one vertex to another within a graph. In this paper, we investigate the reachability problem on a distributed graph. We consider the scenario where there are two parties, each in possession of a private set of edges, while the vertices are public. The two parties wish to securely determine whether two(More)
Together with the popularity of graph structure in real world data, graph analysis has become an attractive research topic. Triangle counting is one of typical graph mining tasks and plays a significant role in complex network analysis, with a wide range of applications in social network analysis, spam detection, and computer-aided design applications.(More)
The increased computation and storage capabilities of smartphones have attracted more and more cybercriminals to write mobile malware for different purposes. Due to the popularity of smartphones in both personal life and business, it is empowering an emerging mobile security threat issue. In this paper, we present an intrusion detection system that(More)
Amplified and disrupting cyber-attacks might lead to severe security incidents with drastic consequences such as large property damage, sensitive information breach, or even disruption of the national economy. While traditional intrusion detection and prevention system might successfully detect low or moderate levels of attack, the cooperation among(More)
In recent years, online social networks have become a popular avenue for users to interact and engage in social activities. The volume of data handled by social networks is staggering: there are about 3, 000 picture uploads to Flickr each minute, 190 million tweets posted from all over the world each day, 70 billion pieces of contents shared on Facebook,(More)
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