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Debugging consumes significant time and effort in any major software development project. Moreover, even after the root cause of a bug is identified, fixing the bug is non-trivial. Given this situation, automated program repair methods are of value. In this paper, we present an automated repair method based on symbolic execution, constraint solving and(More)
Efficient program path exploration is important for many software engineering activities such as testing, debugging and verification. However, enumerating all paths of a program is prohibitively expensive. In this paper, we develop a partitioning of program paths based on the program output. Two program paths are placed in the same partition if they derive(More)
We develop and analyze a class of overlapping domain decomposition (DD) preconditioners for linear-quadratic elliptic optimal control problems. Our preconditioners utilize the structure of the optimal control problems. Their execution requires the parallel solution of subdomain linear-quadratic elliptic optimal control problems, which are essentially(More)
This paper proposes Hybrid SFL-Bees Algorithm that combines strengths of Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm (SFLA) and Bees Algorithms (BA). While SFLA can find optimal solutions quickly because of directive searching and exchange of information, BA has higher random that make it easily escape local optima to find global solutions. Thus Hybrid SFL-Bees(More)
In recent years, most embedded systems have been extended to be able to communicate with other systems and the real-world. This new trend caused traditional embedded systems to evolve into a new generation called Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) which monitor and control complex real-world environment in which communication, computation cost and real-time(More)
Business process deviance refers to the phenomenon whereby a subset of the executions of a business process deviate, in a negative or positive way, with respect to its expected or desirable outcomes. Deviant executions of a business process include those that violate compliance rules, or executions that undershoot or exceed performance targets. Deviance(More)
We consider the continuous space-time Galerkin method for the linear second-order wave equation proposed by French and Peterson in 1996. A bottleneck for this approach is how to solve the discrete problems effectively. In this paper, we tackle this bottleneck by essentially employing wavelet bases in space. We show how to decouple the corresponding linear(More)
This work addresses the problems of sending live media, in the form of audio and video over heterogenous networks. Specifically we address streaming multiple video streams in a wireless network and streaming audio in a multi-video tele-immersive environment. In the wireless domain, we explore the use of a user level Bandwidth Manager as QoS control to aid(More)
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