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Aiming to apply soft actuators in driving a walking robot, the design, fabrication and locomotion of a bio-inspired printable hexapod robot are studied. The robot mimics the insect's design and walking posture by driving six legs with alternating tripod gait which provides its locomotive adaptability on flat terrains. The versatile movements of the robot's(More)
This paper presents a highly flexible, stretchable and ultrathin piezoresistive tactile sensor array, which can be attached to a tactile display actuator array [1] without any influence on its motion. Its operational principal is based on the resistance changing of a tactile cell array prepared by blending a precise conductive polymer —(More)
This paper presents the preliminary design of a biomimetic printable hexapod robot driven by soft actuators. The robot mimics the insect's design with six legs and shows the capability of versatile locomotion on flat terrains by using alternating tripod gait. The soft and multiple degree-of-freedom (multi-DOF) actuators based on dielectric elastomer provide(More)
This paper presents a highly sensitive dual mode tactile and proximity sensor for robotic applications that uses Carbon Microcoils (CMCs). The sensor consists of multiple electrode layers printed on a Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPCB) and a dielectric substrate into which the CMCs are dispersed. The dielectric layer is simply put on the top of the FPCB.(More)
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