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We propose a new cluster-based semantic similarity/distance measure for the biomedical domain within the framework of UMLS. The proposed measure is based mainly on the cross-modified path length feature between the concept nodes, and two new features: (1) the common specificity of two concept nodes, and (2) the local granularity of the clusters. We also(More)
—Most of the intelligent knowledge-based applications contain components for measuring semantic similarity between terms. Many of the existing semantic similarity measures that use ontology structure as their primary source cannot measure semantic similarity between terms and concepts using multiple ontologies. This research explores a new way to measure(More)
The semantic similarity techniques are interested in determining how much two concepts, or terms, are similar according to a given ontology. This paper proposes a method for measuring semantic similarity/distance between terms. The measure combines strengths and complements weaknesses of existing measures that use ontology as primary source. The proposed(More)
A key device in future high speed short reach interconnect technology will be the optical modulator. These devices, in silicon, have experienced dramatic improvements over the last 6 years and the modulation bandwidth has increased from a few tens of MHz to over 30 GHz. However, the demands of optical interconnects are significant. Here we describe an(More)
Carotovoricin Er is a phage-tail-like bacteriocin produced by Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora strain Er, a causative agent for soft rot disease in plants. Here we studied binding and killing spectra of carotovoricin Er preparations for various strains of the bacterium (strains 645Ar, EC-2, N786, and P7) and found that the preparations contain two types(More)
We present a cross-cluster approach for measuring the semantic similarity/distance between two concept nodes in ontology. The proposed approach helps overcome the differences of granularity degrees of clusters in ontology that most ontology-based measures do not concern. The approach is based on 3 features (1) cross-modified path length feature between the(More)
Due to excessive use of internet the problem of intrusion is also increased. So, to detect the intrusion in the network traffic, various AI based intrusion detection techniques are used but there is no such technique is available which is used for detecting the network attacks or monitors system activities for malicious activities and produces reports to a(More)
This paper presents a cross-ontology approach, as an extension of the Cluster-Based approach, to measure semantic distance between concepts within single ontology or between concepts dispersed in multiple ontologies in a unified framework in the biomedical domain. The experimental results (with ~0.81 correlation with human scores) confirmed that the(More)
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