Ho-fu Guo

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Low and high frequency electroacupuncture (EA)-produced analgesia have been shown to be mediated by different brain substrates and different opioid peptides. In this study, Fos-like immunoreactivity (FLI) and in situ hybridization of the three opioid mRNAs were used to examine the effect of low (2 Hz) and high (100 Hz) frequency EA on neuronal activities,(More)
Antisense oligodeoxynucleotides (ODNs) of c-fos and/or c-jun were used in this study to investigate the role of Fos and Jun proteins in electroacupuncture (EA)-induced transcription of the opioid genes, preproenkephalin (PPE), preprodynorphin (PPD) and proopiomelanocortin (POMC). As the results showed, EA-induced Fos and fun expression was blocked(More)
Neurodegenerative diseases are progressive and incurable and are becoming ever more prevalent. To study whether neural stem cell can reactivate or rescue functions of impaired neurons in the human aging and neurodegenerating brain, we co-cultured postmortem slices from Alzheimer patients and control participants with rat embryonic day 14 (E14) neural stem(More)
The present work was designed to study the role of the oncogene product c-Fos in activating the transcription of preproenkephalin (PPE) gene following a kind of peripheral electric stimulation known as electroacupuncture (EA) stimulation. The temporal patterns of rat brain c-fos and PPE mRNA expression were evaluated using the method of Northern blotting,(More)
Previous findings from this laboratory have shown that low (2 Hz) and high (100 Hz)-frequency electroacupuncture (EA) accelerated the release of different kinds of opioid peptides in the CNS. In the present study, we tried to elucidate whether EA of different frequencies would affect the transcription of genes encoding different opioid peptides.(More)
A total of 32 units were extracellularly recorded from the spinal dorsal horn of rats. Unitary discharges evoked by stimulation of A and C fiber in ipsilateral lateral and medial plantar nerve were increased after carrageenan injection to the plantar area. The evoked responses to both A and C fiber were significantly decreased or even disappeared after(More)
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