Ho-Soung Ryu

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We investigated air gap-induced hybrid distributed Bragg reflectors (AH-DBRs) for use in high brightness and reliable AlGalnP-based light emitting diodes (LEDs). An air gap was inserted into the side of DBRs by selectively etching the Al(x),Ga1-xAs DBR structures. With the AH-DBR structures, the optical output power of LEDs was enhanced by 15% compared to(More)
The light output power of AlGaInP-based vertical-injection light-emitting diodes (VI-LEDs) can be enhanced significantly using n-AlGaInP nanopillars. n-AlGaInP nanopillars, ~200 nm in diameter, were produced using SiO2 nanopillars as an etching mask, which were fabricated from self-assembled tin-doped indium oxide (ITO)-based nanodots formed by the wet(More)
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