Ho Seong Lee

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BACKGROUND Prior to 1994, plantar fascia ruptures were considered as an acute injury that occurred primarily in athletes. However, plantar fascia ruptures have recently been reported in the setting of preexisting plantar fasciitis. We analyzed risk factors causing plantar fascia rupture in the presence of preexisting plantar fasciitis. METHODS We(More)
BACKGROUND This study evaluated the effects of Beraprost sodium (Berasil) on subjective leg symptoms in patients with peripheral arterial disease caused by diabetes mellitus. METHODS Ninety-four diabetic patients with peripheral arterial disease were treated with Beraprost in a fixed-dose, prospective, multicenter, cohort study. Beraprost (40 µg) was(More)
Lower Extremities Committee of Korean Academy of Medical Sciences Guideline for Impairment Rating develops new guidelines which are based on McBride method, American Medical Association Guides, Disability evaluation by The Korean Orthopaedic Association, The Korean Neurosurgery Society, and Korean Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine. The committee analyzed(More)
Total talar extrusion without a soft tissue attachment is an extremely rare injury and is rarely reported. Appropriate treatment remains controversial. We describe the long-term outcomes of two patients who had complete talar extrusion without remaining soft tissue attachment treated with arthrodesis. Both of our patients had complications such as infection(More)
A completely extruded talus without any remaining soft tissue attachments is extremely rare. The present report describes treatment of a 45-year-old man who sustained a completely extruded talus injury following a rock-climbing fall. Upon admission, the extruded talus was deep-frozen in our bone bank. The open ankle joint underwent massive wound debridement(More)
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