Ho Quoc Phuong Nguyen

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The RAD54 gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae encodes a conserved dsDNA-dependent ATPase of the Swi2/Snf2 family with a specialized function during recombinational DNA repair. Here we analyzed the consequences of the loss of Rad54 function in vegetative (mitotic) cells. Mutants in RAD54 exhibited drastically reduced rates of spontaneous intragenic(More)
In this paper, Direction Cosine Matrix (DCM) method for attitude and orientation estimation is discussed. DCM method was chosen due to some advantages over the popular methods such as namely Euler Angle, Quaternion in light of reliability, accuracy and computational efforts. Proposed model for each method is developed for methodology comparison. It is shown(More)
The paper aims to show an applicability of the algebraic approach introduced in [7,9,11,6] to solving a problem of fuzzy control. In this approach, linearly ordered term-domains of linguistic variables can be considered as linear hedges algebras (LinHAs). It is interesting that in LinHAs, a formal notion of fuzziness measure of linguistic hedges and terms(More)
Malignant rhabdoid tumors are aggressive malignancies that can rarely present as hepatic masses in the pediatric population. The imaging findings are often nonspecific and usually suggest other more common hepatic tumors. We report the radiologic appearance of malignant rhabdoid tumor in a 3-month-old female with pathologic correlation.
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