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We report a case of serous retinal detachment following combined photodynamic therapy (PDT) and intravitreal bevacizumab injection in subfoveal choroidal neovascularization (CNV). A 53-year-old woman was diagnosed with subfoveal CNV secondary to age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and treated with combined PDT and intravitreal bevacizumab injection. One(More)
PURPOSE We report a case of branch retinal artery occlusion (BRAO) in a healthy pregnant woman. METHODS A 29-year-old pregnant woman presented with decreased vision in her left eye. She had a pale retina with macular edema consistent with BRAO. An extensive workup was performed to determine an etiologic factor. All test results were within normal limits(More)
Interleukin-2 receptor (IL-2R) is an activation molecule that, when expressed on peripheral blood lymphocyte (PBL) membranes, indicates the secretion of IL-2 and initiation of an immune system activation cascade. Comparing the average of IL-2R expression in 34 patients with retinitis pigmentosa (RP) syndrome (561 +/- 282 cells/mm3; mean +/- standard(More)
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