Ho-Ling Fu

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This research is based on loop control theory, the basic relations follow by the output follow the input. First discussing is about the brain and the environment relating close loop, and then discuss the different responses of different brain waves, how the environment of specific brain waves to identify the output under the operation of measurement, And(More)
This article for the purpose in here is to discuss optimization of the whole light wind turbine system design and analysis of the comparison results with physical wind turbine in Yangmingshan, Taipei (460m height Yangming Mountain) and simulate data. Using pseudo-measurement technique will be loaded and verified with the data from the real wind turbine.(More)
Wind power is a promising green energy because of the energy crisis is grown up gradually. The first key factor to wind power is energy transfer efficiency and the reliability of the wind turbine system, if without efficiency, the power output just exhaust the energy, if without reliability, the wind turbine system is not only useless but danger to the(More)
This article is based on step motor to findoptimization parameters for the subject. UsingLabview software to turn-up and control the motorspeed and position, then to find adaptive parameters tooptimizing feedback system performance. In hardwareusing a Pentium D 3.4GHz, the memory RAM 2Gmicroprocessor and T7400 memory RAM 512MBmicroprocessor to compare. The(More)
In this paper, Using Labview as a tool, to take virtual equipment instead of a real object to control the system and improve system performance. Not only save money but also can change any profile an one wish. Using Labview characteristic of the human-machine interface transfer data in graphical results. This paper is applied to wind turbine monitor and(More)
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