Ho Kyu Choi

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Conventional subjective visual grading of malignancy in bladder carcinoma suffers from poor standardization. In an attempt to improve this by image analysis we carried out a texture analysis of a total of 197 images from Feulgen-stained histological tissue sections. The textural features used were based on the spatial gray-tone co-occurrence probability(More)
Image analysis of histological sections was used to achieve a more objective malignancy grading of transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder. Images from Feulgen-stained sections from a clinical material of 197 tumours were analyzed. Features at various levels of analysis, e.g. mainly related to individual objects, neighbouring objects and the entire(More)
— A nonorthogonal binary frequency-shift keying is considered in frequency-hopped multiple-access communication systems with Reed–Solomon coding. The effect of tone spacing on the average number of successfully transmitted information bits per unit time per unit bandwidth (called normalized throughput) is examined in Rayleigh fading channels. The tradeoff(More)
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