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Exploration of large unknown planetary environments will rely on rovers that can autonomously cover distances of kilometres and maintain precise information about their location with respect to local features. During such traversals, the rovers will create photo-realistic three dimensional (3D) models of visited sites for autonomous operations on-site and(More)
Recent advancements in laser and visible light sensor technology allows for the collection of photorealistic 3D scans of large scale spaces. This enables the technology to be used in real world applications such as crime scene investigation. The 3D models of the environment obtained with a 3D scanner capture visible surfaces but do not provide semantic(More)
The development of sensors capable of obtaining 3D scans of crime scenes is revolutionizing the ways in which crime scenes can be analyzed and at the same time is driving the need for the development of sophisticated tools to represent and store this data. Here we describe the design of a multimedia database suitable for representing and reasoning about(More)
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