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The relationship between stroke and air pollution has not been adequately studied. We conducted a time-series study to examine the evidence of an association between air pollutants and stroke over 4 years (January 1995-December 1998) in Seoul, Korea. We used a generalized additive model to regress daily stroke death counts for each pollutant, controlling(More)
BACKGROUND It has recently been postulated that low mortality levels in the previous winter may increase the proportion of vulnerable individuals in the pool of people at risk of heat-related death during the summer months. OBJECTIVES We explored the sensitivity of heat-related mortality in summer (June-August) to mortality in the previous winter(More)
Astrocytes, the most abundant glial cell type in the brain, provide metabolic and trophic support to neurons and modulate synaptic activity. In response to a brain injury, astrocytes proliferate and become hypertrophic with an increased expression of intermediate filament proteins. This process is collectively referred to as reactive astrocytosis. Lipocalin(More)
The timing of referral to a nephrologist may influence the outcome of chronic kidney disease patients, but its impact has not been evaluated thoroughly. The results of a recent study showing an association between early referral and patient survival are still being debated. A total of 1028 patients newly diagnosed as end-stage renal disease (ESRD) from July(More)
BACKGROUND Although studies have provided estimates of premature deaths attributable to either heat or cold in selected countries, none has so far offered a systematic assessment across the whole temperature range in populations exposed to different climates. We aimed to quantify the total mortality burden attributable to non-optimum ambient temperature,(More)
BACKGROUND Although the effect of air pollution on various diseases has been extensively investigated, few studies have examined its effect on depression. OBJECTIVES We investigated the effect of air pollution on symptoms of depression in an elderly population. METHODS We enrolled 537 participants in the study who regularly visited a community center(More)
During vertebrate neural development, many dividing neuroepithelial precursors adopt features of radial glia, which are now known to also serve as neural precursors. In mammals, most radial glia do not persist past early postnatal stages, whereas zebrafish maintain large numbers of radial glia into adulthood. The mechanisms that maintain and specify radial(More)
BACKGROUND Air pollution is known to contribute to respiratory and cardiovascular mortality and morbidity. Oxidative stress has been suggested as one of the main mechanisms for these effects on health. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to analyze the effects of exposure to particulate matter (PM) with aerodynamic diameters < or = 10 microm (PM10) and <(More)
BACKGROUND CD147, as a cellular receptor for cyclophilin A (CypA), is a multifunctional protein involved in tumor invasion, inflammation, tissue remodeling, neural function, and reproduction. Recent observations showing the expression of CD147 in leukocytes indicate that this molecule may have roles in inflammation. METHODS In order to investigate the(More)