Ho Keung Tsoi

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Individuals from different regions normally bear different cultural norms and values, and these variations would in turn affect their behavior and attitude with the computing system. However, though the cross-cultural study has been performed in other areas (e.g., e-commerce websites), few have identified its influence on users' behavior in social network(More)
Recommender systems have been increasingly adopted in the current Web environment, to facilitate users in efficiently locating items in which they are interested. However, most studies so far have emphasized the algorithm’s performance, rather than from the user’s perspective to investigate her/his decision-making behavior in the recommender interfaces. In(More)
Though privacy and trust have been studied in the social network site (SNS), few have identified the relationships among users’ privacy concern, trust and their actual usage behavior in SNS. Moreover, little attention has been paid to investigating the differences between users from different cultural contexts. In this paper, we have been engaged in(More)
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