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Surveillance of H9 avian influenza viruses in Korean live-poultry markets from September 2004 through October 2007 was carried out to investigate active reassortment between wild migratory birds and domestic poultry in Korea. Antigenic and phylogenetic analyses showed that most of the isolates belong to the previous Korean H9N2-like lineage and differ from(More)
To determine the genetic origins of novel H3 avian influenza viruses of chickens and ducks in Korea, genetic characterization of H3 avian influenza viruses isolated from live poultry markets and migratory aquatic birds in South Korea during 2004-2006 was conducted. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that at least four novel genotypes of H3N2 and two genotypes(More)
Chromosomal abnormalities are implicated as important markers for the pathogenesis in patients with schizophrenia. In this study, with using bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) array-based comparative genomic hybridization (CGH), we analyzed DNA copy-number changes among 30 patients with schizophrenia. The most frequent changes were partial gain of Xq23(More)
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